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Temporary kitchen

Wow! All the planning, all the decisions on style, materials and colors and all the trips to local suppliers is finally over. Now it's time for reality to sink in:

The demo guys are coming! Which means you won't have a full functioning kitchen for the next couple of months.

Now a new set of questions pepper your thoughts. How is my family going to get by without a kitchen? No sink, no cooktop, no oven...where do I put all my dishes? How will my kids eat? Where will they eat?

Your task is to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in your home. Meet with your design/build team in advance about options of setting up a temporary kitchen. At that meeting, discussions need to t...

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Episode 3. I Have my plan and my budget. Now what do I do?

So you've done your homework. You've come up with ideas and a plan and a reasonable budget for the project. Now the question is "Who do you get to help you put this all together".

It definitely isn't Uncle Mike who comes over now and then to fix a leaky faucet or help paint the bathroom. You need a proven renovation firm or professional in the kitchen industry who has put together projects like yours.

Renovation companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some will conceptualize and design but will then recommend you to a contractor for the actual remodel portion of your project. Others will conceptualize, execute and complete your enti...

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Hey Everyone! Let's jump right in and talk kitchen remodels. The picture you see here is one of our latest kitchen remodels. Great to look at, right? But how do our clients go about deciding when they need a new kitchen.

Is it when they've burned a week's worth of recipes on your 22 year old electric cook top? Is it when you are about to paint your kitchen a 6th coat of paint to hide the outdated oak cabinets, laminate counter tops or masonite back splash? Maybe it's when they've bumped their hip against that awkward peninsula that cuts the room off for the hundredth time. In many cases it is when the appliances have outlived their usefulness and are grossly outdated.

Sometimes, it's all of th...

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Hi! My name is Fran Garofoli, and I am the owner and chief designer of Kitchens By Design in Sterling, MA. I've been in the kitchen business for nearly 25 years, but this is my first blog! I'm here to share with you all I've learned along the way.

I will be bringing to you a simple and concise bi-weekly blog on the things you need to know, and want to know, about remodeling your kitchen, master suite, or other rooms in your home. This will include info that helps you eliminate the worry about how to get started, who to call, and what are the first steps in designing your room. In addition, I'll provide you with upfront knowledge on the anatomy of the sale, the execution of a job, and many he...

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