Kitchens By Design, Inc.




We provide a full array of design services for your kitchens, libraries, home theaters, luxury baths and interiors. These services include home visits, complete architectural plans, presentations and product information.


Our custom cabinet lines include Crystal Cabinets, Keyline, Encore and Current from Princeton, MN. Our manufacturers offer framed and frameless cabinetry which can accommodate most budget considerations. Cabinet finishes rival the finest in furniture manufacturing and our range of door styles is unlimited in style and motif.


Kitchens by Design is a design/remodeling firm specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations. We design, coordinate and construct all aspects of residential renovation process.  Project management services are a total team effort combining our in-field professionals with assigned personnel in-house to provide you with a personal approach that has become a hallmark of Kitchens by Design projects.


Kitchens by Design is particularly proud of its installation services. Our installation teams have been trained to provide you with the finest quality workmanship available. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and will install your custom designed kitchen specifically for you.

Our Customer Service Template

An “Open Letter” from our owner & chief designer, Francis Garofoli.

For 29 years I have worked in an industry that provides so many people with the opportunity to perform stunning feats of creativity when it comes to renovating your home. You, our client, are a part of this group. The greatest projects in our business history are those where the talents of professionals are buoyed by the passion & sense of expression offered by our clients. It is something to behold when it all comes together at the end.

The projects that we have completed over the years are a great source of pride for our clients and a satisfying sense of accomplishment for the many artisans and professionals that are involved in our design/build business. We have been honored nationally and have a reputation locally that comes from providing our clients with high quality skills and products worthy of your most prized possession, your home. And it is your home that is the backdrop of everything we do.

I think the greatest source of frustration in our industry is when the “product” of customer service fails to meet the expectations of the client. This usually happens because the product of customer service is never clearly defined. We at Kitchens by Design, have been on a mission to define and deliver the best possible customer service to each and every project. I see customer service defined as the following:

  • A Deliver what you sell.

  • B Build it when you say you will build it.

  • C Make the client as comfortable as possible while you are building it.

  • D Talk to your client on a regular basis.

  • E Innovate at all times.

  • F Display integrity & professionalism at all times.

We know the true definition of customer service. It is hard work. Innovation and cleverness in providing customer service is a great part of what we do but it still comes down to hard work. No one can place a value on timely calls, providing accurate information, exhibiting professional behavior and displaying a business code of ethics that is second to none. Let’s face it, any successful business is in itself, customer service driven. It can’t be otherwise.

It is a true working document. We invite you to help us make it better. From our demolition team to our wonderful team members who make our kitchens shine at the end, our approach is simple. Design it well, build it better and enjoy the process as best as you can. Oh, and if possible, at the end of your project let’s have a glass of wine to toast your new surroundings.

Thank You Very Much.